The Rock Wall Project Entusiastico Society

1454 Neilsen Street, Trail, BC, V1R 3Y9
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Eileen Pedersen

The Rock Wall Project is an undertaking that will document the making of the magnificent rock walls in Trail, BC. The project includes plans for a photo display, a coffee table book, and a video.

"Trail's rock walls are a beautiful living testament to our cultural heritage left to us by skilled, hard working rock masons - many of whom were hired by the City of Trail - who often worked their craft during cold winter "make work" programs, partially funded by the federal government. Some, like Pieri Vit (Pete Vit/OldPete) worked for themselves building rock walls for individual home owners.

The rock walls are a legacy to be proud of. They differentiate the Silver City from other communities in the Columbia Basin, and possibly the rest of BC. They hold up our roads, our yards, our gardens, and our town. Visually, they form a soulful part of Trail's unique character and Italian heritage. We want to record the history held within these walls, whose structure and architecture bear witness to centuries past.

We're never going to see this happen again. It's the end of an era."
Bert Green (Trail Historical Society)

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