Captain Future Saves The World

What happens when the imaginations of the future are threatened by the brain numbing, highly addictive, social networking apps of the evil Dr. SAMGOOGAPPLESOFTSUNG-MART? Captain Future Happens! With his trusty ukulele, Myron, and his slightly less trustworthy time machine, the Timeswozzler 8000, Captain Future will take audiences back through time to bring the history of our imaginations vibrantly alive, using songs, raps, puppets, and interactive performance. Will his hijinks succeed?  Find out in CAPTAIN FUTURE SAVES THE WORLD!
Captain Future has traveled back in time to the present day to save reading from being wiped out by the evil Dr. SamGoogApplesoftsung-mart, who has taken over the world with his devious mixture of highly addictive social networking video game apps!  Using song, puppets and interactive performance, Lucas Myers has created a hilarious and informative family friendly performance that tells the history of the written word and offers fun ways to Save the Word! From the Paleolithic cave paintings to the Sumerian plains to the halls of the Medieval courts, Myers touches on all the major developments of literacy, using various theatrical techniques to bring the material vibrantly alive. Myers also examines ways to enhance literacy in our own lives in a show that is guaranteed to inspire and entertain.
The Tek Kids Series also includes:

·      Sharon & Bram, Sunday October 23, 2pm

·      Purple Pirate: Message In a Bottle, Saturday January 7, 2pm

·      Midsummer Night’s Dream, Sunday March 26, 2pm


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Charles Bailey Theatre
Single Ticket $15, 4-show Series Pass $40, Family of 4 Series Pass $144.

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