Holly Hyatt and Jon Burden Shufflin The Blues CD release


Holly Hyatt and Jon Burden are an award winning, acoustic blues duo from the Slocan Valley who have released three official recordings to date. Their previous album 1929: The summit Sessions was voted one of the top 10 Canadian blues albums for 2013. Their version of Robert Johnson’s “Come On In My Kitchen” made Ottawa’s, Dawg Fm’s, top 20 blues songs of 2013.

Their latest release on Flood Plane Records,” Shufflin’ The Blues”,  which is a mix of Chicago Blues, Delta Blues and home-style, original blues is currently receiving worldwide airplay (# 1 on the Roots Music Report International Acoustic Blues chart) ,  rave reviews and critical acclaim:

"Fresh and exciting. One of the best releases of the year".
                  WITR Radio, NY, USA

"One of the most original and vibrant surprises of 2016"
                  Gio Pilato Bluebird Reviews, UK

"A spine tingling tribute to Chicago blues. This is a thing of intimate and infinite beauty. Laid back and exciting at the same time".
                 The Rock Doctor (Gonzookanagan), BC, Canada

“Holly’s voice really captivates the listener, finding wonderful heights and interesting depths. I love Holly’s vocal approach. The way her voice plays over the steady percussion and bass line”.
                Michael Doherty’s Blues Blog, USA

“Jon’s guitar playing is impeccable. Ringing like the proverbial bell throughout. Holly’s scat singing is pure delight as well. They hit on a winning formula with exactly what a live set ought to be”.
                Sheryl and Don Crow, Nashville Blues Society

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