SOLD OUT Baker's Dozen: 12 Angry Puppets


A single puppeteer transforms one puppet into twelve jury members, each struggling with our flawed judicial system, their own personal problems, their gnat-like attention spans, and their intolerance of other people (and of lactose).

A man's future rests in the jury’s hands in this one-man, one-puppet courtroom 'dramedy'.

We all know the story of the Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick Maker, right?
But now, rub-a- dub-dub, the Baker, has been found dead in the tub, his husband the Butcher stands accused of murder, and no one knows what’s happened to the

Candlestick Maker.

Baker's Dozen is the third collaboration between actor/puppeteer Adam Francis Proulx (Avenue Q, Songs of Sinatra), director Nicole Stamp (TVO, Second City), and veteran puppeteer Mike Petersen (Fraggle Rock, Labyrinth) after they met working on the first Canadian production of Tony Award-winning Musical Avenue Q, in a critically-acclaimed production.

“I laughed out loud - a lot.” - Georgia Straight

"[Proulx's] metamorphosis into each new character, male, female, young, old, and Russian alike, is wizardry.” - Montreal Rampage

"A true tour-de- force performance." - Crew Magazine

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There are also 2 videos to see here:

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