Silver Screen Scoundrels

As the Silver Screen Scoundrels, Brandon Isaak & Keith Picot put on an entertaining multimedia show combining Music with Silent Films and Comedy!
The Scoundrels have taken the old classic art form of Silent Movies and thrust it into the modern world. Brandon Isaak won the 2014 Maple Blues Award for being the Best Acoustic Blues Performer in Canada.  He plays multiple instruments including guitar, harmonica, kazoo, banjo and foot percussion.  Brandon is a great story teller with a quick wit and keen sense of humour which is evident in his shows.
Keith Picot plays with a hard hitting slap style, all his own. He can drive a beat like the devil, then equally and effortlessly draw out the sweet tones of a saint.  In 2014 he was nominated for a Maple Blues Award as Canada’s Best Bass Player. You are guaranteed pleasure when watching Keith Picot do what he loves to do.
"Their performances are a rollicking good time! A mixture of great music mixed with
comedy! They are performers that you could watch several times as each show is unique."    - Christopher Edward, Avalon Theatre
E2 Series also includes:

·      God Is A Scottish Drag Queen, Sat Oct. 1, 7:30pm – The Bailey Theatre

·      Baker’s Dozen: 12 Angry Puppets, Fri Jan. 20, 7:30pm – Muriel Griffith Room

·      James Hill & Anne Janelle, Fri April 21, 7:30pm – Muriel Griffith Room


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Muriel Griffiths Room
$20 in Advance, $22 at the Door, E2 4-show Series Pass $65

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