Performing Arts Trail presents: ZØGMA


Each city has its own vibe. Its own icons and characters that makes it a unique place. A place that many will call home. And every city has also its own memories... Memories that will translate in stories told by women and men who lived in a place they call home, who traveled to a unique place. From these vibes, icons, characters and preciously kept memories, [ZØGMA] captured the essence of SOKALO.  Our SOKALO is a gathering place where we wish to share our memories with friends. Simple things of life that we wish not to forget. Transported by intoxicating music from here with accents from elsewhere, [ZØGMA]’s dancers will take you throughout a rhythmic journey in their SOKALO, where urban rhythms modulate to life.



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The Bailey Theatre
Single Ticket $35/Adult, $20/Youth 18 and under
Series Pass $115
Family Series Pass $250

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