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If  you are planning an arts or cultural event, fill out one of the the following forms for submission of new events and we will add it to our weekly newsletter. Events that take place at the Charles Bailey Thearte will also get posted to our schedule of events.  Please note, the Arts Council reserves the right to determine whether or not the event will be posted.

1. By Mail

Print off and mail in
Choose from a printable form in HTML or MS Word format to open in another window. Once you have opened it, you may print off a copy and Fax (250-368-3199) or mail to us at Trail & District Arts Council, #1-1501 Cedar Avenue, Trail, BC, V1R 4C7. Or simply right click “save target as” to your computer for later reference.

  1. Online
  2. MS Word .doc


2. By E-Mail

Click here and send us an email with the pertinent details like event date and time, sponsor organization, public contact information, location, admission price, event name, description, and attach a photo etc. Be sure to include your own name and contact information!

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